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May 12 2010

Only You Can Tear Me Apart

Published by under Dear Diary

It is only you who can tear me apart And you do so with such ease You take knives to my bitter heart All the while watching my love increase   I have become numb to all of your pain Yet you bask in the mere thought of it I ponder at what it is […]

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Mar 30 2010

Don’t Count On Me

Published by under Poetry

I clench my teeth in search of reason I bite my lip and devour treason I let you go…it must be the season Apparently, I throw away boys after I tease them   My best friend knows me all too well I swallow my pride at the stories he tells I admire the drinks of […]

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Mar 11 2010

The Poem with No Name

Published by under Poetry

And as I walked toward him – He faded into the background – further, and further away. I began running – faster and faster – hands pumping at both sides. Yet still – his silhouette became nothing but a mere shadow – Stretched at its fullest from the sunlight shone too bright… Blinding me, binding […]

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