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Oct 13 2010

October 13, 2010 – Good News At Last

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Sooo…just an FYI, but I totally don’t write for Real Detroit anymore. It was just time, ya know? Geno and I have been doing it for so long now and after five years of reviewing the same bars year after year, it just became tiresome. I no longer enjoyed doing it…Friday night would come up […]

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Apr 19 2010

Black Pearl

Black Pearl An Ann Arbor Bar Blossoms   Ann Arbor is a totally chill, artsy and awesome scene, and RDW can’t stress enough that Black Pearl is the perfect addition to its downtown area. Locals familiar with this hotspot are lucky to have it. And as for us peeps traveling from the suburbs, trust us, […]

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Apr 15 2010

Bookies Bar and Grill

Bookies Bar and Grill A Grand Slammin’ Good Time   We’ve got the scoop for you baseball fans — the parking lot across the street from Bookies costs but five bucks to park in, which is basically unheard of (all year ’round, too). It’s simple. Jump off I-75, pay $5 and throw back a few […]

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