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Nov 19 2010

A Wake Up Call

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I spend most of my days in a complete and utter haze, Brushing the dreams from my eyes immediately upon sun up. A distinct blur hangs heavy like a veil over my unsteady gaze – The day hasn’t even begun, and yet I already know it’s going to suck.   I regularly lurk down deceptively […]

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Nov 04 2010

November 4, 2010 – Michelle’s Wedding Day

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She was a distinguished ethereal angel that day Floating down the staircase without haste Descending into her personal version of heaven Ultimately striding at precisely the perfect pace   He couldn’t help but watch as she approached him He remained rendered from breaking his gaze He admired her with his heart, singing a silent hymn […]

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Oct 01 2010

October 1, 2010 – Is this Déjà vu? Or am I writing again?

Published by under Dear Diary

9:11 P.M. One of my very best friends, Katy Lady, called me today and we had a good, long talk that was unbelievably long overdue. It was interesting to see how we both felt at present, about life in general, as though there was something missing within the lives of us both. From there on […]

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