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Oct 07 2010

October 6, 2010 – The Black Panther Stalks Its Prey

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So, I go home for lunch and in a desperate attempt to make sense of everything going on, I took out these Shaman medicine cards that I’ve had for ages. The deck is basically comprised of 52 cards with a different and unique animal on each one and, of course, each animal symbolizes something different. […]

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Feb 15 2010

Lyrical Verses in the A.M. Sunshine

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Sleepless nights allow me to view the burning sunrise I part unfamiliar curtains to embrace fiery rays of gold Days like these are beautiful in all they comprise – When you finally open your eyes…or so I’ve been told.   Soft beams of light spill upon my morning complexion, As I delicately brush the sleep […]

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