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Dec 01 2011

Adventures of the Old and New

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I don’t think I ever told you… But when I see a sunset, I sometimes think of you. Of memorable trips to places you had never been as a kid – And the beautiful moments created by your desire for us to live.   I remember sparkling bodies of water and dazzling destinations – I […]

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Oct 01 2010

October 1, 2010 – Is this Déjà vu? Or am I writing again?

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9:11 P.M. One of my very best friends, Katy Lady, called me today and we had a good, long talk that was unbelievably long overdue. It was interesting to see how we both felt at present, about life in general, as though there was something missing within the lives of us both. From there on […]

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Apr 26 2010

You’re My Day and I’m Your Night

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Miles separate those who are most close yet our grip remains tight. Nevertheless, distance still persists, leaving us alone in the faintness of night. We tend to reach out in search of some consoling mind – In spite of life’s harsh tolls, we continue coping with the darkness of time.   We deal with heartache […]

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