Apr 14 2010

Wishing on Stars and Taking Names

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Wishing on stars and taking names
Of every person who ever looked at me the wrong way

I could strive to retaliate in a still and evil environment
But you make me think that it just might be time for my retirement

I could reach far and teach hard
The wrong paths I’ve taken most famous

But a cold and desolate world before me
Could utterly rob me of my utmost greatness

I could defy you and lie to you about all I’ve done
I’d rather take you through the hazy days of when I was young

Sex, drugs and rock n/ roll was all I once knew
And I wonder where I would be right now if I hadn’t met you

Leading a wavy path of weary days was not my best trademark
But it has told me and molded me to veer away from the dark

I have done and seen more than most old women and men
But that doesn’t make me cool and I did have to make amends

To every person that every looked at me wrong
I had to show that it was I who was strong

Because the people that once looked at me in a negative way
Are some lost souls that now exist in graves

I could go through life and live off my past
But I would rather stick by you and know my life will last

I have finally turned the right way at the fork in the road
And I have taught and fought for others to make my new mold

I have done, conquered and accomplished most of my dreams
And the one thing that was missing was you, it seems

I could blow the world away with one swift sniff
And turn into someone who isn’t me; heartless and stiff

I’d rather count the days of happiness with you by my side
And turn to the world one day and say, this is where I finally reside.

And this is where I finally reside...

And this is where I finally reside...

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  1. Joshon 25 Apr 2010 at 5:12 pm

    cool website-i like the poems about the boyfriend- keep up the good work

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