Mar 11 2010

Waiting for Nothing

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I hate how you forget about me with such ease
But I can’t seem to leave you alone; you’ve become my disease

I fight you and fight you until the bitter end has ended
When I know in the long run my heart intends to be mended

I send you words of love and anxiously await a reply
Though I know I’ll wait hours, even days, I manage to turn a blind eye

My eyes gloss over and my vision begins to blur
I turn my head away and feel nothing but unsure

I check the time consistently but the light remains dark
I ponder why he’s resisting me – these fights can’t tame my heart

It’s my own fault for lying and waiting in anticipation
I constantly place myself in these disappointing situations

I can only hate myself right now for my own stupidity
But I still have the room to wonder why he can’t rid of me

Let me go so I can freely spread my wings…
Because, truthfully, we both know I’m bound for bigger, better things…


Again...what am I waiting for? Exactly my point...

Again...what am I waiting for? Exactly my point...

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  1. Giannion 28 Mar 2010 at 11:00 pm

    How so true, thats why he should love you

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