Mar 30 2010

Two Perspectives Collide

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He raised his hand to touch her face
She seemed so distant and out of place
She gazed up at him with cloudy, blue eyes
And he just stood there mesmerized

She took one glance at the murky water
This is our sacred place; this is where he caught her
Now she glared into its empty banks
Suddenly feeling overwhelmed and faint

He wondered what she was looking at
He turned around and grew very sad
Why does she not even glance in my direction?
He thought of the past and their once divine connection

I don’t know where she’s gazing off to
But I don’t see anything in her view
A pond rests directly behind me
But is that the only thing she sees?


I couldn’t even look at him if I wished
It is his whole being that remains missed
Where did all of our time go?
I am torn between naivety and what I know

I need him; can feel him so very close
But I have to face facts; he will never show
She reached out and touched the thick air
And thought about their first kiss right there

This is where we stood when we first united
This is a chapter in our life that I sited
If I could turn the pages in that book
I would mark each chapter to go back and look


She seems so distant, lost in her thoughts
I would give her the world, name the cost
She teases me each time she attempts at best
To lift her hand and touch my chest

Her delicate touch sends me to the moon
It is in her gaze where I falter and swoon
If she could just acknowledge me
I would come to accept her hatred for me

What went wrong? Why does she frown?
I said I was sorry; she looks so down


I can’t help but gaze into the water
That is what I have taught our daughter
I know she’s hurt; I know she’s sad
But I tell her this is where she can see her dad

This time around I came alone
I wanted to talk but could only moan
Mourn and grieve for everything that is
Wipe my tears with this old sweater of his


She looks so good in my clothes
I try to wipe the tear that lies on her nose
My hand falls right through her skin
She looks up this time but she doesn’t see him

Her whole body froze and she suddenly became warm
A gust of wind rushed her heart so torn
She knew it was him deep within
He’s there with her; closing in

She reached out to embrace him, pull him close
But she knows all too well, he’s merely a ghost

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  1. Martyon 31 Mar 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Very nice work!

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