Jun 26 2013

Starting Anew…With You…???

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It’s quite easy to make the obvious assumption –
That someone like me is born with such gumption…
Without it, I really wouldn’t be able to function –
Seeing as your everyday bullshit is already part of my daily consumption.

I constantly resist this duo of destruction,
Insisting that my bliss cannot be seen as my main malfunction.
You somehow call this tryst a beautiful construction –
Yet I call this shit a catastrophic, volcanic eruption.

Interrupting my natural flow in life,
Abruptly mowing me over with constant strife,
Subtly jabbing my side with your perfectly placed knife –
We’ve created quite the sight – you and I – flaunting an ardor with a refusal to thrive.


The very sight of this broken bond leaves my heart heavy and blue,
And it’s the fight we put into what’s left of it that has me wanting to start anew.
Seeking a true light, bleeding gold upon the genuine path in my view –
Leading me to believe some kind of truth…that what’s right truly does lie within you.

Don’t disguise your feelings under those muffled breathings –
Despite broken ties that once left us ruffled and seething…
I’m forgetting all the lies that once bustled beneath all things deceiving,
So I just might shuffle your way tonight, instead of normally leaving.

You’ve got me dreaming again, and to an amazing extent.
It means a lot when my stars are gleaming and the darkness descends…
It seems to you I’m not bringing to the table all you might expect –
So stop thinking I’m meaning to phase you out in a last ditch attempt.


There’s no exception to the rule when talking boundaries and its flexibility –
I feel my actions are a reflection of past duels, still affecting the proud in me.
My interactions aren’t meant to fuel the fire or even the loud in me –
I still cower at my own reactions, both brazen and brash…a perpetual quandary.

Even if this fragmented harmony has been recreated from aspects of our past,
I still believe that Fate truly has plans to perfect our second chance.
Bringing about patience and appreciation that last time we severely lacked –
Working to achieve happiness by alleviating every prior defect, so vast.

This is what starting over is all about, don’t you think?…
Charting forbidden territory that once made our hearts sink…
Arming ourselves for the inevitable before even given the chance to blink…
Because you know you’re on the brink of ironing out each remaining kink…

Too good to be true, what do you think?


One would be crazy not to consider the possibility of ultimate disaster…
Our actions, each one hasty, are carelessly juggled upon the hands of disruption and laughter.
Both desperately trying to hold on, our fingers manage to slip from all we’ve endured –
We only know to keep racing faster, chasing right behind the person presently in first.

No longer thorough in our thoughts before taking part in each day’s latest act –
You’re now stronger, remaining steady, and confident in living life without looking back.
Your songs to her are now confessions; romanticisms promptly hurled blindly into pure black –
Despite the unsettling sensation of the unknown, you’ve learned that it is her that keeps you intact…


Now, my friend, you know your sentiments for sure…

…That you are hers, and she is yours…
…And this new, pristine view is precisely the scenery you’ve been searching for…
…That this unflawed hue, presently painting your days the color of magnificence and more…
…Will complete your masterpiece by bringing reality to your dreams, singing truth to fairy tale galore…

After all, happy endings don’t merely exist amid fairytales and overactive imaginations –
Boundless love such as this flourishes between two kindred souls, both enchantingly captivated
Each of us dreams of the day we’ll meet our soul mate, the one destined to complete our engagement
Only time will tell if such astounding aspirations and fantasies are made true for our own amazement



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