Nov 03 2011

Stars are Half Our Existence

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Some unique souls are merely destined to be friends,
Somehow managing to find their way amongst the stars.
It isn’t until one of them reaches the other’s dead end,
That it’s finally revealed to each other who they both are.


Their destiny was always written in the stars –
Thus fated to meet since the beginning of creation.
Once each divine soul ultimately greets its counterpart,
They travel amid nighttime skies, flirting with constellations.


It would come as no surprise if the stars had a final say
In mine and your unparalleled friendship.
My entire being screams that the night consulted the day
Before agreeing upon such an infinite companionship.


At dusk, we comprise of the stars and moon above,
Waiting to make way for a potential meteor shower.
Come dawn, we rise as the sun with gleaming rays of love,
Projecting our light downward upon the blooming flowers.


Just like the night and day, we go hand in hand effortlessly
With one comes the other, bringing about a genuine unity.
We each play off the other, working together flawlessly
And the world has a plan for us – to be revealed eventually.

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