Jun 26 2013

Mark My Words

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Mark my words – you won’t soon forget me…
My eyes aren’t nearly as piercing as the daggers I’ll be leaving.
If it was up to me, the whole world would witness your bleeding –
You’d be left begging for a second chance I won’t grant, believe me.

Can’t you see this isn’t what I planned it to be?
Honestly, I know you were once a fan of me,
but this ranting phantom seems to enchant the best of me;
Leading the rest of me to confess words I’m guessing will later need recanting…

…don’t you see?!…

It’s not by chance that you manage to stand me and this tandem…
I dance around the idea of emotions programmed at random.
I’ll forever demand to know the cards you’ve been handling,
because I need to cover my own heart before we resume battling.

I know you all too well, my friend – shall we begin the dismantling?
Here you go, take this strand and commence the unraveling.
Exposing my every wound and scar, each strange and baffling
All shaded darkly and predisposed to its own tinge of blackening.

It’s these darker aspects that always prove to be the most challenging,
because when I aim to create sunlight, I find myself left scavenging.
Hope isn’t the only thing I’ve managed to keep up on damaging –
Since I live savagely, a large part of me has slowly started vanishing.

You see, it’s my angel and my devil I feel the need to continue balancing –
It’s both the moral and corrupt within me that I seem so far from tackling.
Just when I think I know precisely what it is that’s been happening,
I’m back to handling moments of chance and life’s games of high stakes gambling.

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