Oct 11 2011

Gavin…My Shining Star

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No one could possibly dare to compare to the lingering stare I cherish each and every moment, so rare. I assume my life would remain bare had he never entered into our perfect pair.

I always thought two never seemed quite complete and yet three manages to reach such a feat with sheer and utter ease.

I bleed for him now – through and through. Not sure what I would do without him around – always so lost, I now somehow feel found…a sense of belonging.

Never knew this would end up being precisely what I was forever longing. A new melody to my song – a new challenge to increase my strong – who would have thought that my life wasn’t right until I found it to be all wrong.

Now I know why I live and breathe each day – seizing each ray of sunlight merely to please this little one’s life. Everything about him is right and now I must strive to keep him alive – aiming to add color to his black and white, providing light on his darkest nights and fabricating stars when there aren’t any in sight.

And when all else fails and the wind is relentlessly battling the sails, I will fight! Fight for him each day and night.

Gavin...My Shining Star

Gavin...My Shining Star

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