Dec 01 2011

Adventures of the Old and New

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I don’t think I ever told you…
But when I see a sunset, I sometimes think of you.
Of memorable trips to places you had never been as a kid –
And the beautiful moments created by your desire for us to live.


I remember sparkling bodies of water and dazzling destinations –
I remember sand dunes that stretched for days and resembled the Appalachians –
I remember long, never-ending drives that always landed us somewhere profound –
Even though the complaints from us kids was enough to make anyone turn around.


Growing older makes me even more appreciative of what I had then –
You always loved taking us places that we had never been.
I wish I had soaked up every last moment and cared less about the trivial instead.
If I could go back in time, I would tell you each day what I should have said then…


Dad – there is no man quite like you, or will there ever be –
And just because I didn’t say it before only means I couldn’t yet see…
That you stand for so many brilliant and amazing things –
It was always you and mom that pushed us to strive for our dreams.


You always knew us to be better than we saw ourselves,
You were always right about our shortcomings and when we needed help.
And just because I didn’t always listen to you or take your advice,
Doesn’t mean, not in the slightest, that I didn’t silently know you were right.


I just think it took some time for me to see what I actually had –
A wonderfully exquisite man, and best friend, who is also my incredible dad.
I wouldn’t dare give up what we share today, nor take a trade for the world in exchange.
I can’t rewrite history or erase past days, for all I can do is start with a fresh, new page.

Dad and I

Dad and I

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